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Grand Prix

Grandprix Points

These are the current standings and the next races are listed at the end where you qualify for points.

Steve Skates 270, Dean Longley 173, Andy Bromley 167, Amie Bagnall 256, George Nixon 166, Helen Ashworth 145, James Rogers 130, Mike Davis 105, Alex Ryder 84, Ben Harrison 77, Matty Smith 109, Julie Evans 60, Julia Evans 60, Liz Martin 66, Jenna Bagnell 99, John Hickman 80, Ally Reid 79, Nigel Bakewell 66, Emma Birchall 55, Gareth Hughes 87, Joy Hickman 104, Roger Jones 75, Sian Beck 65, Deb Cartwright 45, Leon Bagnall 57, Rob Alexander 46, Gabby Jones 50, Sue Rodgers 65, Des Davies 53, David Hughes 63, Lois Lee 44, others 40 and below.

Points scoring……1st Prestatyn 15pts, 2nd Prestatyn 12pts, 3rd Prestatyn 10pts, 4th Prestatyn 8pts, 5th Prestatyn 6pts all others 5pts. If you are placed in the top 3 of your category an extra 5pts. You must run 9 races a season to qualify, no subs no points.

Next fixtures -

08/04/18 BL 6 Wrexham Tri

If anyone spots a mistake please let me know asap.