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Training Schedule - April 2022

As the clocks have gone forward for summer the club will meet in the Ffrith Beach Car Park outside the AstroBowl for Wednesday night runs commencing tomorrow. We’ll meet in the Ffrith car park at 6:30pm to warm up before heading to the promenade for an interval session.
Monday night runs will still start from Prestatyn High School as normal. A schedule of club runs for April including Bank Holiday runs and upcoming races will follow later this week.

Mondays: Meetup: Prestatyn High School.

Wednesday: Summer Meetup: Ffrith Beach Car Park outside the AstroBowl

Training Session and Route Details

Monday Night Runs 
Meet at Prestatyn High as normal and we will run in 3 formalized groups.
Each group will have an assigned group lead and everyone will run the same base route, but with options available on distance if needed…. generally 6 or 4 miles
The fast group will aim to run for 60mins.. so adding on at the end as needed.
The other groups have the option to extend as well…. But must agree on this before they start and must come back to the Ffrith before extending if there are runners who just want to do the normal run.
Group 1:  Sub 24min 5K pace
Group 2:  Approx 24-30 5K pace
Group 3:  30min+ 5K pace 
Some other guidelines: 

  • On those routes where there is a shorter option the group decides what they will run.  You must run the group route. If you want to do longer then go with another group or add on at the end when finished.
  • The group decides if they want to use any regrouping option… generally either meeting at any change in direction or loop back to the runner at the back. We all know how this works and again no exceptions.. if the group decides on a regroup then all do it. The group might decide not to regroup (especially the faster group)…. This is ok as long as you all agree.
  • If for any reason you drop out of the run at any point you must inform the run lead for your group.
  • Obviously people may run with different groups on different nights depending on if they are recovering for any reason (post race, injury….etc). If you do this don’t join a group and then run your own run especially if you are generally faster. The unwritten rule is you enter into the spirit of the group you are with and don’t make it difficult for the run lead.
  • For anyone stepping up to the faster group for the first time please tell the run lead. They can then be aware and make sure you are not getting dropped.
  • Please respect the run leader for your group. They are often giving up their own run to make sure everyone enjoys themselves…  be courteous to them organizing things, listen to their instructions and if they ask you to regroup or slow down then please respect their request. 

The routes we will use are detailed below. We will look to expand on this as and when we can.
1.       D1
Named purely because it is based on the first one in Duncan’s list :-)
Two Options: 
2.       ‘Texas’
 Named simply because the route in an odd way looks like a map of Texas
There is a ‘Not Texas’ 4 mile alternative
3.       R-O-B (Rhyl Out and Back) 
5 mile version which can be modified as needed
4.       Pub Crawl 
10K… Run to the pub past a few other pubs.
Wednesday Night Run Sessions

  • Meet at the Nova. We have assigned a run leader for each Wednesday night however their role is simply to make sure everyone gets going at the beginning
  • All runners need to make an effort to familiarize themselves with the plan for that night
  • The leader will  simply make sure everyone understands the plan and heads out in the right direction.
  • They will also decide if a regroup is needed before the main session part of the run.. or if people can just start as soon as they get there.
  • Please avoid letting people run on their own to the session location….. drop back if you see someone and relax…  the session is where you can but the effort in. 

Each session is aimed to be 60minutes which includes run out to the location if needed and then performing the session as many times as you can.
Route  Details:
Strides Between Lamp Posts
Run down to the Nova (2.6K)
Run along Beach Road and Barkby Road with a sprint stride effort between 2 lamp posts… then job 1 lamp post back to recover.
Repeat until you get all the way round to the main road.
Recover run back to the Nova (approx. 1.25K). 
Try and do a minimum of two lap before returning to the high school.
2.5 K back to the High School
Session Route: - Lamp Posts Route
Calthorpe Road 400m Pair
Short run out to the Avenue and the bottom of Calthorpe Drive.
Runners in pairs… each run the 400m loop in opposite directions
Each loop should be run at full pace. 
Recovery loop
Then swap directions and repeat. 
Route Information to be added 
Hill Reps, Aberconway Road
Run out to the bottom of Aberconway Rd (approx.  1.5K)
Hill reps up and down Tudor Ave.. easy.
1.5K back to the High School
Session Route:  Aberconway Hill Reps Route
Warren Drive 1,000m Reps
Run out to Warren Drive… approx. 2.5K along Gronant Road
Alternatively take the short cut route through town. 
The repeat the 1K efforts and high pace around the Warren Drive loop. Try and do at least 2 loops.
Run back to the High School.
Session Route: Warren Drive 1,000m Reps
Meadows Pyramids Route
Short run down to the Meadows Road 
Then pyramids runs around the loop. 
9 laps is total. 4 laps with every lap being faster than the previous. The 5th lap will be your fastest; give it all you have. The next 4 laps after the 5th will be slower each time.
Session Route: Meadows Pyramids Route
Prestatyn Longer Up and Downs
Run out to the bottom of Tudor Ave on Gronant Road .. which is about 1.5K
Follow the route up and down…. Which is just about 6K
Either run back to the start for another go or back to the high school.
Session Route:
Long Intervals
Warm up run down to the TA building on the coast road (about 2k each way).
Then run laps around the square loops building pace.. each lap is approx 2.5K
Bastion Road:  Easy pace
Beach Road:  Bit Faster
Barkby Ave:  Bit Faster
Marine Road: Slooooooowwwwww recovery 
Try and do a minimum of two full loops
Session Route: