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PRC news 6-07-20

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Prestatyn Running Club’s Linda “Flyer” Friar defied the efforts of handicapper Gareth White by winning the club’s virtual 5k series.

After missing her handicap by nearly a minute in the first week she stormed back and despite her handicap being adjusted each week after that she managed to smash it each time. In the fourth and final week she beat it by an amazing 2m 50s.

Steve Forsyth was consistently the fastest over the four weeks, finishing the series with a time of 16m 26s.

Results of fourth week: 1 Linda Friar, 2 Steve Forsyth, 3 Gary Johnson, 4 Debbie Jones, 5 Julie Evans, 6 Jan Garnett, 7 Stu Quayle, 8 Liz Martin, 9 Jo Lewis, 10 Hannah Garnett, 11 Andy Clark, 12 Jo Hoppes, 13 Will Williams, 14 James Rogers, 15 Suzanne Evans, 16 Kat Prestwich, 17 Clare Manley, 18 Rob Alexander, 19 Ally Reid, 20 John Simpson.

Final results (3 to count): 1 Linda Friar, 2 Andy Clark, 3 (eql) Kat Prestwich and Steve Forsyth, 4 Jo Hoppes, 5 Jo Lewis, 6 Debbie Jones, 7 Rob Alexander, 8 Hannah Garnett, 9 James Rogers, 10 Julie Evans, 11 Suzanne Evans, 12 Will Williams, 13 Liz Martin, 14 Ally Reid, 15 G ary Johnson, 16 Jan Garnett, 17 Clare Manley , 18 Arwel Jones, 19 John Simpson, 20 Andy Aitken, 21 Mike Davis, 22 Jennifer Owens, 23 Gareth Hughes, 24 Stu Quayle, 25 Ben Harrison, 26 Jo Edwards, 27 Canyon Wilson.

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