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New rules for running

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Hi All,

Further details on the run schedule for the next 4 weeks and this week’s registration links.

Start time is as normal.. 18:30pm

August 5th:

Group 1: D1 (shorter version) Run Lead: Duncan/Julie E Group 2: R-O-B Run Lead: Gareth W Group 3: TBC (Offroad) Run Lead: Gareth H See below for more info. Here are the registration links for August 5th. Remember, no registration, no run.

Registration will close in each group when full or 20:00 on the 4th August.

Off road run: The likely off road route will be as follows:

Please only sign up for this run if you are comfortable with this example route and that you can complete it at a reasonable pace. I’ve asked the run leads to risk assess the capabilities of those signing up and if they need to they will ask people not to run. Hopefully this will not happen…. and I appreciate it sounds tough… but putting on an off road run was a real struggle to think about but we wanted to provide an option through the summer but it’s unfair on the leads to increase any risk at this time.

Schedule for the remainder of August below… registration links will be sent out each week.

August 12th:

Group 1: R-O-B Run Lead: Duncan/Julie E Group 2: Pub Crawl Run Lead: James R Group 3: TBC (Offroad) Run Lead: Wyn August 19th:

Group 1: Texas Run Lead: Duncan/Julie E Group 2: D1 Run Lead: Gareth W Group 3: TBC (Offroad): Run Lead: James August 26th:

Group 1: Pub Crawl Run Lead: Duncan/Julie E Group 2: Texas Run Lead: James Group 3: TBC (Offroad) Run Lead: Jo L or Wyn Just a reminder on the pace groups:

Group 1: Max 12 people plus run leaders. This is a “back to running” group and will be based around our beginners type group. We may create smaller subgroups depending on who attends. Group 2: Max 12 people plus run leaders. This will be a general running group based on our normal middle and faster groups. Group 3: Max 6 people plus run leaders. This will be a small group doing a very basic off road route. Only those comfortable with running off road should attend. Again… PLEASE READ the following document:

We will be following the guidelines on practices before/during/after the run…. But some basics

Arrive ready to run… no changing facilities at the venues. The outside public toilets at the Nova may be open I’m not sure. The fact we are meeting in different locations makes things easier… but maintain social distancing when you arrive Let’s be punctual…run leaves at 18:30pm Please bring your own hand gel..etc ..… run leaders will not be providing anything. The car parks we are meeting in provide plenty of space for meetup and staying socially distanced… use common sense if the car park is busier and park in the emptier areas. Listen to the run lead and follow all instructions they want to implement for the run. Keep Running

Gareth W

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